Ventisettebi softcouture takes from haute couture the focus on details, the construction, the quality of materials and manufacturing, which is completely made by Italian laboratories.

Brand philosophy keeps its own style through the seasons. A style that is consistent with its DNA, which is polished, “bon chic”, elegant and charming.

Each creation is designed with the aim to give to any woman who decides to wear Ventisettebi a customized garment, which is not slave to “current trends”.

All garments are 100% Made in Italy, from design to production.

A woman who wears Ventisettebi knows how to love herself.

She is idealistic, tenacious, conscious of its role. You can meet her in everyday life, but she can be distinguished because refined, fashionable but especially unique.

Sustainable Luxury

Ventisettebi’s garments merge their unique style with a continuous research and development of new fabrics, with a focus on eco-friendly materials .

Environmental care is expressed in giving new life to materials, but also in starting a specific sustainability path along the supply chain, to ensure less water consumption and less CO2 emissions.

All in the interest of safety (100% Made in Italy) for people and sustainability for human being and planet, in agreement with the core themes of EXPO 2015.


France, end of the fifties, a deep political crisis, an enthusiastic generation, different, unique, gave life to the “nouvelle vague”.

“New wave” is the spirit of Ventisettebi, up to date and evergreen, ignores the extreme tendencies and dresses the elegant woman, who does not care to follow the “current fashion”.

Italian fabrics.
Italian manufactured.
Care for details.
Team Energy.

Made in Italy

Ventisettebi’s collections have the whole value chain Made in Italy.

Italian style.
Italian design.
Italian fabrics.
Italian production.
100% Made in Italy.


Rosy Cafaro was born in Como.

She has always been keen on clothes and fabrics and spent years working with many company style departments, whose customers were prestigious Italian brands.

Her professional experience was accompanied by seminars and masters, combined with constant trips to discover new countries that played an important role in fashion evolution, such as India, Morocco, Romania...

She has also frequently worked as art director for shootings, fashion shows and events.

After years of collaborations, she decided to give shape to her personal journey that would allow her to fulfill her "personal" vision of fashion.

This decision gave life to Ventisettebi, which is distributed not only in Italy, but also in England and Russia.

"Fashion thinking" means never stop her curiosity and dreams. Her inspirations, which are reflected in the research of emotions through fabrics and "forms", come from various sources: the road, a concert, an exhibition, a journey, a book or a play, and then they transform into...

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